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We load mulch with a true one yard bucket.


Kehl Florist & Greenhouses carries only Metker's Mulch of Hartville. We have five mulch selections to choose from. You can pick up or we will be happy to deliver it. Additionally, we offer mulch in convenient two cubic foot bags.

Single Ground Mulch

Made of hard wood and hard bark. Better than our competitors' double ground mulch.

Price per yard: $26.00

Double Ground Hard Bark Mulch

* Our best selling mulch. Made of 100% hard bark double ground to a fine texture. You will love this mulch.

Price per yard: $28.00

Dyed Red, Black, or Cocoa Brown Mulch

High quality mulch that can last two years with proper care.

Price per yard: $31.00

Contact us today for pricing, as delivery charges vary by delivery distance.