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Flower Selections

Flower Selections


Assorted flowers and colors  Prices starting at $35.00.

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Dozen Red Roses in
Red Designer Vase

Item: #FV01
Price: $70.00
Dozen Roses in Designer
Vase with Babies Breath

Item: #FV16
Price: $60.00
Pink Roses
with Baby's Breath

Item: #FV05
Price: $60.00
Dozen Roses
& Spring Mix

Item: #FV06
Price: $75.00
Spring Flowers with
Stargazer Lilies

Item: #FV19
Price: $65.00
Spring Mix - Snap Dragons,
Carnations, Alstras & Daisies

Item: #FV13
Price: $45.00
Pink Carnations &
Lavender Mums

Item: #FV15
Price: $40.00
Pink & Burgandy Carnations
with accents & Pink Roses

Item: #FV10
Price: $55.00
Carnations &
Stargazer Lilies

Item: #FV18
Price: $50.00
Spring Vase

Item: #FV04
Price: $55.00
Yellow Roses & Blue Iris
Purple Designer Vase

Item: #FV11
Price: $50.00
Spring Mix
with Carnations

Item: #FV20
Price: $40.00
Carnations & Daisies
Choice of Color

Item: #FV12
Price: $35.00